California Gun Laws 2018

Posted by Eric Larson on Jun 15th 2018

To Register or Not to Register?

Our Forefathers were highly educated and had the forethought to document the necessity to educate their descendants that our HUMAN Rights are Inalienable. It truly is amazing when some people is this great nation are so narrowly focused on their agenda, that they easily forget that all of the human rights are required to preserve each one of them. Yet it continues that these same people demanding equality are also demanding the reduction is access to firearms. These same people have not taken the time to educate themselves on the true nature of what the system is. Here are a couple of laws that truly make no sense: A Law Enforcement Officer is required to wait 10 days for each pistol. A Military person also has to wait 10 days. If you own 0 to an infinite amount of guns you still are required to wait 10 days. These are California Laws. It takes about 15 minutes to process a federal background check. So the waiting period is a cooling off period, you know, in case you wanted to do some felonious act. Needless to say the other firearms in your collection must not be any good for the task. California passes laws without their constituent’s approval and without regard to our inalienable rights. DON'T YOU GET THIS? Remember when the state voters voted down gay right marriage? The State of California didn't let that stop them from writing it into law that is okay. When do we the people allow this behavior?

Okay so you want to register your gun? The previous paragraph was put forth to provide you with the simplicity of the State of California trustworthiness. You have other options than registering. Before you get too pissed off, we refer to this list as the "SUCK-LESS System." Each of these sucks less than registering your firearm to the State of California or giving up your rights, which we believe you do once you register an assault weapon in California.

Here are some:

  • Make your firearm featureless - removing any characteristic that offends CA law makers, then remove bullet button and replace with correct manufacture parts.
  • Replace bullet bullet with new style system allowing breaking of the action to subsequently remove the magazine.
  • Remove a key component of your firearm, such as the charging handle. This renders the firearm inoperable and no longer violates Ca sensitivities. Replace the bullet button with the correct manufacture parts as this could infer attempt to possess a CA defined assault weapon.
  • Convert firearm into a 22LR or other rim-fire and replace the bullet button with the correct manufacture parts.
  • Remove some part of the gas system, making firearm a single shot.

Some people might think registering is a good idea. We do not. My suggestion is to try to talk some reason into them. But ultimately it is their decision. If you ever wonder where the three percenters come from, look within. There is no sign up sheet.

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