Cerakote Service

Cerakote Application
(Last update 7/20/2018 - Needs work)

Here is a thought - Who do you trust your guns to? Seriously! A new Cerakote shop? What do they know about guns? A young person with 0 to a few years experience? Don't get me wrong, there are great painters out there and age has nothing to do with it. But experience does.  At Cobra Tactical, our base starts with a US Marine Veteran owned firearms manufacturer, dealer and gunsmith. Since we have been applying Cerakote and making our customers happy we decided we should get our Cerakote Certification along with our High Temp Certification, which we did.

You decide.

  • In business since 2003
  • Incorporated in 2007
  • Veteran Owned (USMC, SGT - 0341 Mortars)
  • Gunsmith
  • FFL-07 Manufactuer
  • SOT - Special Occupation Tax Manufactuer
  • Cerakote Factory Trained
  • Cerakote Certified
  • High-Temp Cerakote Certified
  • Professional Paint booth 
  • Professional ovens
  • Professional Blasting Cabinet
  • Quality Assurance Garuntee
  • Established 

We carry quite a few of the Cerakote colors in house. For what we do not have, we typically get resupply fast. 1 to 2 days.

We are busy, so, fast we are not. Sorry. We are working on speeding things up. We are meticulous however. Which is why we are busy. 

We guarantee our work too. We are thorough in our contract to make sure we do what you ask of us and you get what you pay for. Our artist and Cerakote applicator works directly with you on the complicated projects.

Cerakote Pricing

Keep in mind, that it is generally required that parts be Cerakoted and not assemblies, therefore the assemblies need to be dis-assembled.

Simple - Single Color

AR-15 Style Lower $110.00

AR-15 Style Upper $110.00

Pistol Single Color Slide - Frame and Barrel $230.00

AR-15 Style Rifle/Carbine Lower/Upper/Handguard POR

Each additional Color add $60

Graphics - These can be a cool way to make your project stand out or simply make it customized and your own. Some graphics are simple other not so much. We take an excruciating amount of time to digitally replicate client-provided artwork and unfortunate this can add to the budget, but we do guarantee that the project will turn out amazing and exactly what you ordered or we will do it until it is right. 

  • Simple $20 - 60
  • Complex POR

Camo Patterns

  • Kryptek
  • MultiCam
    • Standard
    • Arid
    • Tropic
    • Alpine
    • Black
  • Digital
    • MARPAT
      • Desert
      • Woodland
    • AOR1
    • AOR2
  • Woodland 4 Color (Think US Military Late 80's Late 90's)
  • Woodland 3 Color (US Military Vehicles and Equipment)
  • Vietnam Tiger stripe Camo 4 Color
  • Tiger Strip 3 Color 
  • US Army - Scorpion 
  • Army ACU - We Don't Do this

Themed Projects

  • American Flag
    • Pistol -POR
    • Rifle - POR
    • Other - POR
  • Spikes Skull/Hog Spartan etc.
    • Lower - 2 colors $220 to start
    • Lower plus Upper to match - POR
  • Star Wars - Bobafet - POR

You may provide us with your project already disassembled. Or you can leave it to the professionals. We do charge a fee but feel it is worth the trade in your frustration and time for our assurance it will done correctly. 

Disassembly & Reassembly Fees*

1911 types $125

Glock (all) - $75.00, slide $50.00, Frame $15.00

XD (all) - $150.00, Slide $75.00, Frame $75.00

HK Pistols (all) - $100.00, $50.00, Frame $50.00

Beretta $100.00, $50.00, Frame $50.00 

Mossberg 500, Remington 870 Types $75.00

Benelli Shotgun $100.00

Beretta Shotgun $100.00

M1-A $50.00 (No Barrel Removal)

WWII Guns like P38 and Luger $100.00

 *We guarantee your sights are accurate. What is this worth? We also have to make sure your gun function checks. A reference point: A sight removal and installation cost between $50 to $150. We guarantee your "sights are on" meaning accurate or aligned to the bore axis. This also includes and necessary fitment.