Cobra Tactical Lower Parts Kit

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Cobra Tactical Lower Receiver Parts Kit

Complete Lower Parts Kit to finish or re-build an AR15 style rifle. This is not the same kit found at many other gun shops This is the good stuff.

Trigger Pull is single stage and feel like an M16. We are often told by our customers that this trigger feels better than most. Let us know.


Made in USA


Description Quantity
Trigger 1
Trigger Spring 1
Disconnector 1
Disconnector Spring 1
Hammer 1
Hammer Spring 1
Trigger & Hammer Pins  2
Takedown Pin 1
Pivot Pin 1
Detent 2
Detent Spring 2
Safety Selector 1
Safety Detent 1
Safety Detent Spring 1
Bolt Catch 1
Bolt Catch Plunger 1
Bolt Catch Spring 1
Bolt Catch Roll Pin 1
Buffer Roll  Pin 1
Buffer Retaining Spring Spring 1
Trigger Guard 1
Trigger guard Roll Pin 1
Magazine Release 1
Magazine Catch 1
Mag Catch Spring 1
Pistol Grip A2 1
Pistol Grip Screw 1
Pistol Grip Washer 1